Brand Identity - 2012

Legore Ln. Outfitters

Legore Ln. Outfitters is a Manhattan born lifestyle clothing brand rooted in music and releasing your inner Lunatic created by yours truely. This company is based on the street I lived on while attending K-State University, Legore Ln. My friends and I all lived in houses on this same deadend street next to one another and over the years created a bond that I will never forget. During the last year of our collegiate journey I created a clothing company so that we could all have shirts that represented our mindset of family and something we could wear proudly around campus.

Don't fade into history, become a Legore Ln. Lunatic!

Original Logo Design

Road Sign Logo Version

Stamp Logo Design

Boxed Street Sign Logo Version

Lady Lunatics Logo Version

Promotional Material

Buisness Card Front

Buisness Card Back

Sticker White

Sticker Black

Street View Poster Design

Don't Fade Into History Poster Design

Social Media Banner Option 1

Social Media Banner Option 2

Social Media Banner Option 3

Social Media Banner Option 4

Clothing Designs

Promo Layout of T-Shirt, Beanie & Stickers

Men's Flag Design Front

Men's Flag Design Back

Women's Flag Design Front

Maroon Stamp Design Front

Maroon Stamp Design Back

Blue Stamp Design Front

Blue Stamp Design Back

Irish Design Front

Irish Design Back

Fake Pattys Day Design Front

Fake Pattys Day Design Back

Street View Design Front

Street View Design Back

Women's Vertical Geo Design Front

Unisex Full Color Tanktop Design

Unisex Red Tanktop

Unisex Orange Tanktop

Unisex Gold Tanktop

Unisex Lime Tanktop

Unisex Sapphire Tanktop

Unisex Purple Tanktop

Unisex Grey Tanktop

Unisex Charcoal Tanktop

Linetastic Blue Sweatshirt

Linetastic Red Sweatshirt

Linetastic Green Sweatshirt

Flatbill Snapback Hats

Winter Beanies