The Bride

Katie Renee Croswhite

Born in Liberty, MO on May 15, 1992, to parents David & Jeanne Croswhite, Katie went straight into a life of gymnastics and dance. Starting with tumbling across the mat at age 3, she then added ballet, jazz, and hip hop to the mix. This continued until freshman year at Oak Park, when she realized her school spirit was worth sharing with her peers. She then joined her school’s squad, but also made the All-Star Cheer Squad to challenge herself even more. This led her and her team to win 1st at US Finals KC and 1st among all 6 Regions.

Even though most of her free time was taken up with dance and cheer, she realized throughout high school that she was missing a bigger purpose in life. So after recognizing the impact her teachers have provided for her and her friends, she decided to become a teacher. Knowing that school spirit and a respected teaching degree was a priority, she made the jump across the border to attend K-State.

If it wasn’t for her pure drive, she wouldn’t have met the man of her dreams.

The Groom

Kyle Thomas Lundy

Born in Kansas City, MO on May 22, 1990, to parents Paul & LeAnne Lundy, Kyle basically had his skates glued to his feet. He got his first pair of skates when he was 3, and after getting a black belt by age 6, he immediately started his ice and roller hockey career. After playing on several teams and competing across the Midwest for the next 7 years, he decided to give his musical talent center stage. Making the drumline at Saint Thomas Aquinas was further confirmation for him that music will always be with him. At this point he knew that music would take over his life.

Listening to new artists from a variety of different genres, he found out that this became the creative juice that helped him refine his design skills. Because of this and the growth of the internet, he gained an interest in web design. At this point he disappointed his parents by attending K-State to follow his dreams in digital art and web design, instead of becoming a KU Jayhawk.

If it wasn’t for this bold decision, he wouldn’t have met the love of his life.

True Love

Katie + Kyle

For a junior boy, this was just another weekend house party on Legore. For one freshman girl, new to the sorority life, this was a chance to go out an bond with her sorority sisters at one of their friend's house. But what neither of them knew, was that the minute Katie walked in the door and Kyle saw her, their lives would never be the same again. Following that night, the next two years involved the growth of their friendship, the ability to be one's self in the company of the other, and of course watching a ton of movies together.

On the day of his graduation, on Dec. 8th 2012, Kyle took a leap to see where their relationship could go by asking her to be his girlfriend. This began what would be the hardest year of their relationship yet due to the inherint difficulties that come with long distance relationships. Luckily, a two hour distance gap wasn't the end of the world. It just involved lots of back and forth weekend trips to visit one another.

It didn't take long for them to realize that they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together. So on their one year dating anniversary, Kyle had the biggest surprise of all planned. Once they arrived a top Manhattan hill on a snowing winter afternoon, friend of the groom and guitarist, Nathan Corsi played a cover of Wanted by Hunter Hayes. Once in position for the 3 hidden photographers Kyle planned to capture this great moment, he popped the question that would change their lives forever. Before he could even finish, Katie accepted his proposal and jumped into his arms.

From this point on, they have been pushing each other to be the best versions of themselves, loving unconditionally, and even letting out the fun, creative, child-like side of each other. When you see these two together, there is no doubt that the love is pure and will last to the end of time.

Ceremony 5:00PM

Schwinn Produce Farm

This is when the magic happens. The ceremony celebrating the eternal love of Kyle & Katie will take place just outside the barn, in a beautiful wooded scene. Water will be provided to weather potential heat.

Cocktails 5:45PM

Schwinn Produce Farm

While the bridal party takes a lap around the property in a hayride for some post-ceremony pictures, enjoy some drinks and light snacks as you make your way from the ceremony space inside the barn for the reception.

Reception 6:30PM

Schwinn Produce Farm

Make sure to bring your dancing shoes to this reception party, because the variety of music will bring you late into the night with drinks and a live performance from local band, Not A Planet.

The Men


Best Man

I'll never forget the nurf battles in your parent's basement, and ever since then the games have continued to be LEGEN...wait for it...Best bro of groom since freshman year of high school...DARY!


Best Man

Carpe Diem... Seize the Carp. That's our motto. That and everybody wang chung tonight. Best bro of groom since freshman year of college and co-founder of Legore Ln. Outfitters.



I'm surprised our necks never broke from dub-step parties, but we were the only ones goin hard. We also had next-level Wii frolf skills. Best bro of groom since freshman year of college and Legore Ln. roommate.



I never thought I would be a early morning tailgater until you showed me how to do it right with some beer, grilling and yard games. More KSU tailgating needs to happen in our future. Best bro of groom since freshman year of college and Legore Ln. roommate.



Our beer pong/coffee table creation was genius and created some memories we'll never forget, and some we will never remember. Just think of how awesome if would be if we built one now. Best bro of groom since junior year of high school.



You can never have too many Kyle's in one place, especially when we both are the big brothers in our families. Thanks for being an awesome big bro to Katie. Brother of bride.



Luckily we don't accidentely wear the same clothes when we hang out, unlike we used to back in high school. Cousin of groom, but everyone thought we we're brothers.



Our swash-buckling shenanigans around town was the pirate's life for us. We even had the long hair curly hair back then. Best bro of groom since junior year of high school.



You have a serious talent in combining alcohol with food. I'm always down to try your new concoctions. Best bro of groom since super-senior semester of college.



Best bro of groom since his band, Not A Planet, played at the first ever Legore Ln. Block Party back in 2011 at K-State that the groom and his friends created.

The Women


Maid of Honor

Childhood friends since 1st grade in Mrs. Smith’s class. High school consisted of her on the volleyball court and me cheering on the sidelines. Even distance will not stop this forever friendship.


Maid of Honor

Best friend since freshman year of high school, been inseparable ever since. Cheered together in high school, and at Gage. You have always brought out the outgoing side of me. The T-Rex will live on.



First encounter at Gage she hated me. Over the time of senior year we grew close and I convinced her to go to K-State with me. Turned out to be the greatest times of our lives! Lets go back!



Sorority sisters but made a true connection when I rear-ended her car. Since that point we have been best friends. Epic game nights, with great cooking but sometimes PEECHA! And now we get to share in the wedding planning process!



Ever since the very first introduction on the couch in the date room of Sigma Kappa we knew that this connection was something special. I was so excited to share in the bond of sisterhood with this amazing woman. It was destiny that she would be my little. I have the best Dottie!



Kyle talked so highly of you and I was nervous to meet you at first, but I am so glad you will be in my life. You are an honest and true person and this is what makes you amazing. I love you for this reason. Can’t wait to be your sister.

Need a place to crash?


  • Fairfield Inn & Suites

    1101 North 4th Street
    Leavenworth, KS 66048
    (913) 758-9303
    Hotel's Website

    Located 8 min (5.4 miles) from ceremony/reception location
    Located 31 min (25.5 miles) from Kansas City International Airport
    Transportation will be provided from hotel to venue space and back.

    19 rooms @ 139.00 USD per night (1 King Suite & 1 Sofa Bed)
    1 room @ 169.00 USD per night (2 Queens Suite & 1 Sofa Bed)

    (More can be added based on hotel availability once these all get booked)

    CLICK HERE to Book your group rate: Lundy & Croswhite Wedding

  • Quality Inn

    1201 Branch Street
    Platte City, MO 64079
    (816) 858-5430
    Hotel's Website

    Located 21 min (15.3 miles) from ceremony/reception location
    Located 11 min (8.8 miles) from Kansas City International Airport
    Free airport transportation is available through hotel.
    Courtesy Shuttle available for a fee through hotel. (10 person capacity)

    15 rooms @ 69.00 USD per night (2 Queen Beds)
    5 rooms @ 69.00 USD per night (1 King Bed)

    Please call the front desk at (816) 858-5430 to book room.
    Mention "Lundy Croswhite Wedding" to get your group rate.

Your Presence Is Enough

Gifts & Registry

However, if you feel so inclined, click on the registry links below or simply bring an envelope with your best wishes. We love you all deeply, and would be so blessed if you want to honor us with gifts to start our new life together. You can find our registry at any Macy's, or shop online below. We also have a Zola registry which allows group funding towards bigger items.